Money saving Tips


 How to make your file cabinet last longer  

saving you money & the planet at the same time

I have lots of customers that use cabinets that are 30 or 40 years old ,but still work as good as new






Saving the planet

Every pound of steel used to build filing cabinets takes 3 pounds of iron ore & 3 pounds of coal to produce

every year we use enough coal & iron to reach to the moon & back

If we can make our file cabinets last 50% longer we can  help the planet and our bottom line at the same time






Level your file cabinet

Being crooked puts strain on the lock device , the anti tip device , and the drawer suspenions (tracks)

the cabinet should be levelled front to back & left to right

most manufacturers include instructions

this is sooo easy when the cabinet is empty

& soo much harder when it is full





Lubricate your file cabinet

1 time a year take 2 minutes to lubricate all the moving parts  

EXCEPT for the anti tip device ( many of these need some friction to work well )



NEVER move your cabinet full

I know ,i know

its a pain to empty it & fill it again  

and the movers say its no problem


Many movers would rather move 1 heavy full cabinet on a dollie

than have to deal with a bunch of boxes ( movers hate boxes!)

Moving cabinets full bends the frames , bends the bottoms ,twists the lock device , strains the anti tip device ...




Don't Paint your cabinets

Ok if you must , you must

but be carefull ( get a good paint company)

here are the 3 problems

1 . paint gets everywhere , into all the moving parts & jams up all the ball bearings , lock parts , safety device etc ... 

2 heat melts plastic parts , oven baked painting can melt all the plastic parts inside the cabinet .

3 flip up doors are not paint friendly , quite often the flip up doors rub against each other which peels off the new paint. Not a good look

Now having said that , there are some companies out there using newer products & technologies that are ding a good job, but be choosy who doews your work