file bars  

steelcase has been making very strong file cabs for many years

they have made a few variations of file bars

1st  many of their cabs with fixxed front doors had built in filebars for legal size files

if you wanted to file letter size you needed 1 bar '

if you wanted to file "front facing you could use the steelcase orignal front to back bars



For cabinets that need file bars 

 steelcase makes

 3 main styles of file bar  


This is the most common style  

note the slot can either be short and strait or

"L" shaped so the bar twists into place

this "2 prong "style  is rare  

this "1 prong 'style is very rare  

Drawers with flip up fronts are different  

the steelcase side to side bars work OK

but you cannot use the steelcase bars for

"front facing " filing with steelcase front to back bars  


To file "front facing" on a steelcase flip up drawer

you can use our replacement bars that work great