Common Lock Problems


Cabinet not level  

notice how gap at top of door is big and there is no gap at bottom of each door

most manufactures will include leveling instructions with their cabinet

cabinets should be levelled front to back for safety

& left to right for smooth operating

use level glides on bottom of cab or wood shims to level cabinet




Bottom of cabinet bent from moving  

Remove bottom drawer & straiten out cabinet frame

this usually happens when cabinets are moved fully loaded


Old key broken in lock  

remove broken key , this can be hard

Click here for video how to remove broken key

or replace lock

it is usually a lot quicker & easier to change the lock than to try to get a broken key out

changing the lock is often quite easy , removing 2 screws or 1 clip

see our how to videos




Cabinet doors not closed al the way


 too much stuff

cabinet bent

cabinet not level 

Lock and lock mech is sticky

just lubricate with some WD40

also check cabinet for any bent doors or other parts




Bent Lock clip