Higher Secuity locks

You can usually replace your ordinary cabinet locks

that anyone can easily aquire keys for

(or may have a "master" key for)

and replace them with a higher security lock

If you need a key for your lock  just email us the key # on the front of the lock

For a mild upgrade in secuity you can Upgrade  from a  "single sided"  lock that is relatively easy to get keys for and replace it witha "double sided " lock that is very much harder to get keys for and is much harder to pick open

for a higher level of security you can use the Double sided lock with no number on it ,making it impossible for anyone to order keys from the number

Outside bar locks give great seurity , but are less convient and are unattractive




Single sided key  




Double sided key  

No number on key to make duplication harder



No Number on lock face makes it very hard

for unauthorized people to  get a key  made






Samples of a few replacement "higher security" replacement locks  


 See how quick & easy it is to upgrade your lock

 See video of changing to a higher security lock  






Outside Bar locks

provide great security for important assets