What Brand is my furniture ? 


In order to get the right Key , lock or part for your File cabinet or other furniture , it is best if you know the brand ( who made it ) 

This can be very confusing

  For many reasons  knowing the brand can be confusing

Labels ; the label on the front of the cabinet MIGHT be the brand , but it might also be the company that SOLD the cabinet or even the company that previously OWNED the cabinet

Often there are NO LABELs or the labels are HIDDEN (see photos below for some of the hiding spots )

The cabinet companies do not make their own locks , and may use a few different lock companies over time

for example Sunar used "Chicago" locks for a few years  then "DOM " locks  and later "Hudson" locks

The Lock companies supply locks to several different furniture manufacturers

For example "Chicago" supplied locks to "Sunar" Furniture  and Steelcase  as well as other furniture makers

Some file cabinets were made extremely strong and can last 40 or 50 years (many of my customers have file cabinets that were built in the 1970's and are still working great , but not everyone is familiar with them)

Cabinets also get repaired & sometimes someone will replace 1 brand of lock with a different brand that is close enough to work

Over the years File cabinet companies took over each other or merged to make new compaies or went out of business , adding to the confusion



Does the key # help ?

Some times it does

Numbers like  FR416  or SL 315 are great , they tel us who made the lock , who made the furniture , and exactly which key to cut

Numbers like LL312 or P105 or  K113  or good , but not great . There may be 2 or 3 different brands that these keys could be for . these numbers narrow down the possibilties , but we would still need more info to get you the right part the 1st time

Numbers like 14 or 145 are almost useless. so many companies use plain 2 or 3 digit numbers that there are too many possible choices

Names with numbers are also great , example the number 145 , but with "pundra" printed across the front of the lock face tells us exactly which key it is ( but not which cabinet it is )




These pictures should help you find the brand of your cabinet  


paper card in label holder
       1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10  

 11    12    13    14    15    16    17    18    19    20    21  

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